AhTec SIGNAL 810M!

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Reason of Later Edit: people searching google for this brand and hitting my page.
Info: I bought this laptop from here and it cames without any operating system. It costs me only �1299 (taxes included). You can see the configuration in this page. Further info visiting the official AhTec Page.

(+) THE BEST price/quality
(-) AhTec online support service staff stinks.

Online Ad here:
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De cand am plecat din Romania m-am transformat intr-o persoana destul de calculata in ceea ce priveste uzura „plasticului” bancar pe care il port in portofel. Asta nu inseama ca m-am transformat intr-un zgarcit dar am devenit mai atent la diferentele intre „necesar” si „moft”. Ieri, in sfarsit, dupa luni de analiza si asteptare :P, am intrat in posesia „copilului” de care amintea Eugen in comentariile postului precedent, imbinand in acelasi timp moftul cu necesarul. Pe scurt, mi-am cumparat inca un calculator, de data aceasta port�til (denumirea in spaniola a laptop-ului).

Iata configuratia:
AhTec SIGNAL 810M (Pagina web)
– Procesor Intel Centrino 1,86 Ghz M750 2MB Level2 Cache
– 2 GB DDR2 533Mhz
– nVidia GeForce Go 6200TC MXM 128Mb
– 17” monitor panoramic
– Bluetooth, Inflarosu
– Modem, Retea 10-100, Wireless, Firewire IEEE1394 Texas Instruments (Wi-Fi)
– DVI (Digital video interface), Iesire TV
– Sound Realtek
– Cititor de memorii (ex. memoriile camerelor foto)

Orgasme multiple. 😀

PS. Revin cu poze Eugen stai fara grija. E tarziu si pe dial-up mai rau ma enervez. Si asa merge in backgrownd download-ul la SP2. Nu mai are mult. E deja la 7.00MB din cei 90.60MB. O nimica toata. M-au ciuruit.

2 luni si 2 zile

Aproape ca am si uitat senzatia si confortul pe care ti-l ofera scaunul personal (ergonomic sau nu), calculatorul tau personal si un cablu cu legaturi www infipt cu mandrie in placa de retea. De moment e doar un dial-up Wanadoo de 33Kbps dar situatia se va reglementa in maxim 2 saptamani cand va reveni la normal. Adica ADSL 1Mb. Cred ca daca mai dura situatia inca cateva saptamani ajungeam sa imi mutilez calculatorul saracul, desi nu are nici o vina el. Urmarea cea mai probabila ar fi fost:

Saracul :)

Advanced Setup

Finally I bought hosting for this domain name. It was about time to do this :). The reason of writing a blog, a personal one, is one of my blogspot posts about self-pushing. There is a special person in my life that taught me a lot. Even the beauty of a yellow rose.

Most of the users do not go for the Advanced Setup. Clicking defaults values is and will be forever the fastest option. The rest are trying to change values but don’t think it’s so easy at it seems to be but it worth trying. At least that I learned myself trying to change values. It can turn good but can’t be worst than Default values. And guess what! There is no other user there to set up values for you. Some users can try to help. Also you can copy some values of previous setups you have heard, read, saw … but in this way you’ll never be proud of having your own values. Don’t worry! None is perfect but at least you can try isn’t it?

Click “Install” and …you’ll learn. This is for sure. You’ll learn step by step because once you clicked that “Install” button there is no turn back. You’ll gain some experience that can help you in the end. Hopefully there is a “Go back to Setup” button also. You’ll go back. You’ll change a lot of values and you’ll improve your own setup by adding your own variables. You’ll be able to know other users trying to fill the best values and correct his older setup also and this can be the best part. Interactivity will help you the most to improve your own setup.

You will ask yourself why you are doing this. The best answer I can give to myself is that “I can”. All of us can choose Advanced Setup but not all of us succeed to fill the right values, to add new and good variables but once again … it worth trying. Why? Because you can. And this can make a difference. Don’t go for Defaults! You can see life lived by Default everywhere. Don’t waste it. Thanks M. for teaching and showing me more than I ever expected.

I will keep my blogger profile.