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Sunt câteva bife în meniul Privacy din aplicația Revolut pe care e bine să le citești măcar (context). Recunosc, mi-au scăpat și mie. Vin activate by default și fac referire la datele personale și modul în care acestea sunt gestionate de către Revolut cu scopul de a ne împrieteni mai bine. L-au numit marketing.

Cumva, găsesc subtitlul Analytics ușor amuzant și mă gândesc că, probabil, au și avut loc ceva discuții pe tema lui când l-au ales. Altfel, ultima bifă, cea cu prietenii din agenda telefonului, este chiar utilă datorită plăților instant dintre doi posesori de cont/card Revolut.

Eu le-am dezactivat.

PS: Later update după imagini.

2 dec. – am primit un mail de la Revolut pe care cred că l-au primit toți utilizatorii.

You will have noticed that we recently updated our privacy policy. In true Revolut style, we want you to decide how we can and cannot use your data.

Many companies routinely share customer data so that they can create more targeted advertising, and build more relevant products. However, some recent high-profile cases have shown that this doesn’t always happen in a clear and ethical way. Things get buried in the small print, and opt-out options are confusing. This is unacceptable, but together, we can make sure you fully understand how data works here at Revolut and how you can opt out at any time if you want to.

Note: This ought to go without saying, but we will never sell your data to third parties, or share your data in a way that allows third parties to market their products to you.

Data for social media & advertising platforms

One way we use data is by sharing your name, email address, and certain app activity* with third-party social media platforms for marketing purposes. Basically, this helps us to advertise our products and services to you and other people like you.

*App activity means things that you do in the app, such as installing it, ordering a card, opening your dashboard.

You may, of course, not want Revolut to share this type of information, and that is 100% understandable. If you would like to opt out, simply open the app and go to Dashboard > Settings > Privacy, then deselect Social media & advertising platforms.

Data for credit products (an update)

In our recent email to you, we mentioned sharing your data with credit bureaus. This only applies to customers registered with Revolut in the UK. If you don’t live in the UK, then this does not apply to you.

Please note: You will need to update to Revolut version 6.18 or later in the App Store or Play Store, in order to see both of the opt-out switches we’ve described above in your privacy settings.

All of this information and more concerning your data is explained in our Plain English Campaign-approved privacy policy if you fancy finding out more.

Data sharing is nothing new, but how data is shared and how informed people are needs to change. We’d like to lead that change, not on your behalf, but beside you, with honesty and respect.

Team Revolut

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