Giola – a natural swimming pool in Thassos (Greece)

Giola, Thassos, Greece

This is a response to this post.

That’s how we knew about this place and I have seen that there are last year questions about how ppl can get there.

Before I start please note this: do not forget to take some water or Coca Cola with you. You will need it. 🙂

– From Potos take the road to south for 8km, let behind you the AERIA Hotel and slow down your car.

– At 100m there is a country road to the right hand with red dust. Take this route even it will give you bad ideas. 🙂 (pic1, pic2)

– At 300m there is a small and beautifull beach. You can stop and take some pictures. We even broadcasted live from there :P. Yeah, we know. Bad phone connection made the sound almost impossible to hear! (pic4)

– Before the beach turn left and go up on a country road (pic3, pic5)

– You will see a private property in about 200m. Good sign. Keep going! (pic6)

– In 400m you will see a small cottage. Park the car. (pic7)

– Turn right and go down to the sea, following a rocky road. You will dream about an ATV but trust me, an ATV there is not an option. (pic8 to pic12) Follow that blue sign also. We didn’t. But just in case 😀 (pic10)

– Smile. you’re there 🙂 (pic13)

The entire trip here.

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22 comments on “Giola – a natural swimming pool in Thassos (Greece)”

  1. Thank you very much for that explanation how to get to Giola, i printed it, and took with me 10 days ago when I went to Thassos, and I actually found Giola following your photos.
    Very good photos for orientation, I made one try to find Giola without the photos (i forgot it at apartment), and I didn’t succeed. Next day i took the photos with me and I found it.
    It is a very beautiful, and strange feeling when you look at it.
    Thank you for that feeling you have shared with me.

    Hugs and kisses for you from Serbia (pardon my english :))

  2. Thanks for the tip. My brother has just bought a place on Thassos and I don’t think he knows about this! Cheers and happy swimming!!!!!!!!!!

  3. este bestial ! pare un fel de Star Gate, ai impresia ca daca sari in apa treci in alta dimensiune !!! am fost anul trecut. grecii ii spun „Sirenas”, nu prea stiu daca intrebati de Sirens Pool, cum mai apare pe net. felicitari ca s-a gasit cineva sa publice ruta completa, noi am cautat-o cam mult. luati-va apa, suc, umbrela de soare.

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