Is Justice For All?

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On the night of December the 4th 2004, in downtown Bucharest, a car driven by Christopher Van Goethem hit a taxi that was driving correctly, carrying the rock star Teo Peter. He died as a result of the collision with the American’s car.

Please publish this words on your personal blog, web-page, forum, group, IRC etc. The story must stay alive until the word justice will have the same meaning for all.

Traian Basescu’s words after the acquittal of Christopher Van Goethem:

I only have one thing to say: the US military court failed to see what 22 million Romanians saw. As head of the state I will demand that no US military judge dare to contradict our view. This appears to me to be more than a decision that does not match the event that happened in Romania. We could read this as contempt and I will not tolerate it.

You can sign a petition here.
You can read all about this story, online, starting here.

US Ambassy Press Release on February 17, 2006
Jurnalul National Article (romanian newspaper)
Radio Romania International (online article)


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